Davis shows Ingraham how his footprints in San Salvador was met when he landed at the airport


PLP deputy leader Philip Brave Davis

Philip Brave Davis responds to Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham following rally in San Salvador

Statement by Philip Brave Davis

Desperate to hold onto power as he counts his final weeks as leader of The Bahamas, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham went to San Salvador challenging the accomplishments this MP and the PLP government.

It is painfully clear that the Prime Minister has forgotten the state he left San Salvador back in 2001. The people of San Salvador have not.

Back then the major resort on the island had closed its doors. Scores of workers were left unemployed and businesses had to close shop during the FNM’s term.

What San Salvadorans will not forget is that it was my efforts with the support of the Christie led PLP, which quickly entered into discussions to reopen the Club Med Resort and bring employment back to the island.

The Prime Minister forgot that the same airport terminal he walked through yesterday was completed and opened during that same period. Flights with thousands of tourists returned because of the work of the PLP government

With the tourism industry restored, businesses were revitalized and San Salvadorans went back to work.

The PLP Government reopened San Salvador to the world.

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham the man leading the Tax and Spend FNM Government of FAILURE!

Rather than seeking to diminish the successes of the PLP in the land of the brave, the Prime Minister should concern himself more with the impact of soaring crime and unemployment levels and the poorly managed economy he has delivered to the people across the Bahamas in five short years.

Mr. Ingraham believes the people of the Bahamas will forget his failure to attract a single major investment to The Bahamas since coming to power in 2007. His government’s delivery of higher taxes, high unemployment, his silence on the growing mortgage crisis and the incredibly high national debt has not made life better for Bahamians.

The Prime Minister should rather come to grips with the fact that his government has failed to believe in the People of the Bahamas and they will soon give him his report card.