Education Minister Addresses Primary Principals' Association Service


bethel-2-churchMinister of Education the Hon. Carl Bethel (centre) attended the Primary Principals’ Association’s 32nd annual ecumenical service at New Bethany Baptist Church on Sunday, May 17, 2009. Also pictured are, Primary Principals Association president and principal of Stephen Dillet Primary School Wenly Fowler and Association Secretary and principal of Naomi Blatch Primary School, Shirley Barr. Mr. Bethel commended the Association, the 23 persons being honored, and all stakeholders who “daily partner with the Ministry of Education to help our children to realize their dreams through excellence in education.”


  1. Carl.Carl, derailed by his own son.It is a look of shame as like any father he expects his son to be part of the Bahamian dream.Remember now that when the story broke concerning QC, Carl got sick.I do not know if he has recovered yet but being a father myself I share his pain which transcends political lines.I wish the Minister the best and hopefully the PM will move him elsewhere so that he couldreinvigorate his political future.A good gesture by the association and I wish all teachers well who have to care for our little darlings.Where is Belinda Wilson?She is too quiet like other union leaders who had so much to say when we had the PLP in power mmmpppphhh.

  2. Helping the children to realize their dreams aye! That explains just why Carl Bethel looks so much out of place with that smile you could see he forced for the cameras. He knows if the truth be told he is not doing much in that regard. Look at the lady and the gentleman who he is sitting between and see the differences between their facial expressions. You could see that this was not any smiling or laughing matter for those two. They took their jobs very seriously and they are proud of what they were able to accomplish in the lives of children, but when you look at our Minister for Education body language in this picture you get a very unsettling feeling from him. Why is that?

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