Father found guilty this afternoon in the incest case of his 9-year-old child! Guilty 9-0



Behind bars

Nassau – We have Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press right now out of tbe Courtroom of decent Justice Her Ladyship the Hon. Renae McKay where a Guilty Verdict has been handed down to the father in that molestation case.

The father has been found guilty in a 9-0 cuthip ( yinner know what we want say) by the jury. Ervin molested his 9-year-old daughter while her mother was at work.

BP congratulates crown prosecutor Camille Gomez-Jones, who delivered da blows inside the court on behalf of the people and the victim.

The defense team headed by Allan Emmanuel had no chance.

We also want to thank da Jury who returned a verdict of GUILTY 9-0.

We now await the long awaited Marco Law so the nation can track the father whenever he is released 30 years from now.

We report yinner decide!