Flooding and roads washed away or covered in sand in Western New Providence following Sandy


BREAKING UPDATE at 4:00pm >>> All personal of the RBDF are required to report for duty at 8AM in the morning ALL DEFENCE FORCE MARINES ARE TO REPORT FOR DUTY AT THE CORAL HARBOUR BASE!

Bahamians in West Grove New Providence and in McQueen’s Town in Grand Bahama knows what Katrina feels like this morning as they are forced to evacuate their homes…serious flooding in those areas…

A family in West Grove had to be rescued as their home flooded with water in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Bahamas Press warned Bahamians in low areas to make their way to Hurricane Shelters and avoid being trapped in flood zones.
West Bay Street covered with all that 2.2 million dollar sand thrown on the beach. What a smart decision that was…
Flooding in White Grove Friday afternoon.
Seagrape tree buried in sand at Saunders Beach.

Shell gas station at Saunders Beach now filled with rocks shells and sand.
Grape Trees down on West Bay Street.