Former lead singer of Baha Men is dead! Friends in shock at Ryan's passing



Nassau, Bahamas — The former lead singer of Baha Men is dead last evening following a bout with the common cold. Vocal artist, Ryan Andrews, was pronounced dead after being admitted in hospital last week Wednesday with symptoms of the common cold.

This is the third person now reported to us, who is said to have died suddenly in hospital of flu like symptoms in less than a week. BP wonders if the H1N1 influenza formally know as Swine Flu is hitting the capital worse than it is being reported. On July 8 cases of the Swine Flu stood at 6. But just days later, Minister of Health Dr. Hubert Minnis confirmed that there were now some 19 cases of reported Swine flu victims. The figure doubled in less than a week. Persons are dying at record speed from flu like symptoms and not one word is being said about it!4797_107959744663_634984663_2906781_7123134_n

Andrews, we are told were told, was to appear onstage at the independence celebration concert in Deadman’s Cay Long Island along with singers Elon Moxey, Nita and Irate on July 10th. However, his concert manager received a phone call from his mother, Dolly Deveaux, who said he had to be admitted to hospital after catching the cold.

A member of ‘Make Em Listen’ management team expressed shock and sadness over the singer’s sudden passing. “We are just shock to hear Ryan is dead, we still cannot believe this is true.”

The 29 year-old had plan to celebrate his 30th birthday this September 1st, and friends are left wondering what could have caused his sudden passing?

Since March 29th persons around the world have become infected with a new case of flu like symptoms called the ‘SWINE FLU’. The global pandemic has caused death tolls in the hundreds in Mexico and in other parts of the world. Over 10,000 cases of Swine Flu have been reported in Australia alone. Causing summer camps to be suspended all across that continent and in the US.

The global scare has recorded some 7 cases in The Bahamas, however, many persons believe the sudden passing of individuals like Andrews are going unaccounted and are not being investigated. WHAT IS THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH HIDING?

5199_104754199663_634984663_2845339_4765572_nFriends of the young artist tell BP, Andrew was an active supporter of community events and was a former track & field athlete. In 1998 his singing career began as he took part of the biggest choir concert ever to be staged in The Bahamas for the opening of the Atlantis Royal Towers. the opening was under the direction of Bebe Winan and Baron Cage backing artists such as Michael Jackson, Stephanie Mills and Donnie McClercin.

Later he joined one of country’s world famous groups, Baha Men in 2004 and remained a member until 2006. Baha Men achieved international success with their Grammy winning hit “Who Let The Dogs Out” and the album “Halla”. After leaving the group Ryan decided to establish himself as a solo artist using his childhood nickname “Frydeh” as an alias.

His latest releases included “Handle It”, a reggaeton inspired song and “Baby I’ll Be” a classic r&b song currently on the airwaves.

Members of his management company, expressed sadness on behalf of all artist on his passing saying, “We are deeply saddened by his death and know that where ever he is he will still have ‘em’ listen,” the spokesperson said.


  1. A Goodbye Party for Ryan Frydeh Andrews Home Going Service & Wake
    Thank you for your contribution to the advancement of music locally!

    Host: Make Em Listen Bahamas
    Type: Party – Goodbye Party
    Network: Global
    Start Time: Friday, July 17, 2009 at 11:00pm
    End Time: Sunday, July 26, 2009 at 7:00am
    Location: (funeral) Newborn Church of God Bernard Road
    Street: Wake) Emerald Coast Friday 24th
    Phone: 3410592HOME

    Anyone interested in being a part of Ryan’s Home going service please contact me .. I have offered my home to them for both the wake and after funeral socializing… Anyone who wishes to donate time , food, drinks or talent please let me know ..I was thinking his latest project the remake of Baby Ill be and Joy since that is is all time favorite are options… His mother plans to bury him in his Make em Listen shirt . So I ask all of you who have shirts and are attending to please wear your shirts as well….

    I spent an entire afternoon with his mom who came by to tell me “Thank You” for all that I did for her son…that he went out with a smile an was battling cancer and didn’t let anyone including her know…. She shared with me how he became more sick the days leading up to the concert in Long Island last week because all he kept saying was that he wanted to go to make Patricia proud…

    He had pulled out all of the drips out of his arms and attempted to break the glass of the hospital window because he NEEDED to be at the concert.

    I was so proud that he was finally on his roll with his solo career and wanted to make me proud! she thanked me over and over again because Ryan spoke so highly of me and SHE just needed to tell me face to face that he loved and respected me. Of what I did for him on my own never amounted to what he got in a world famous group….

    I want to say ….today ..Thank YOU Ryan…. today was the first time since I have been CEO of Make em Listen, that I honestly feel my work has not been in vain… Ryan has given me a new Rebirth to my obligation and dedication to my artists first, and other artists in general…

    I will miss you! Ryan’s mom said he left with a smile on his face and some of his last words were he had seen his savior………Rest Ryan…Rest on! And I know you will continue to MAKE EM LISTEN.

    MAKE EM LISTEN/Manager

  2. First. I was seeing ppl with “RIP Frydeh” but I had no idea who they were talking about. His death is a loss for the music industry in this country, where many artists are starting to get a listening ear from Bahamians. May he be remembered dearly. Rest in peace.

    Second, Let’s not over sensationalize the situation. More people die of the common cold than swine flu historically, and frankly the swine flu has been over sensationalized world wide by the media. The MOH to me has seemed to be quite transparent handling and monitoring the virus in and around the country. I think in this regard Minister Minnis and everyone in the ministry, relevant deparments, and the Public Hospitals Authority, even immigration should deserve more credit on this.

  3. Not necessarily Swine Flu People unfortunately die and have died (in the Bahamas too in years gone by) of other so called “normal” flus and respiratory illnesses. It is still sad to see another talented young Bahamian die so young



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