Former lover of murdered woman Kevisha Richards is detained as suspect in that double murder on Tuesday morning


COP Ferguson and team outside the Police Headquarters today.

Nassau – Good police work resulted in the arrest of a suspect believed to be behind the murders of JAMES JOHNSON, 29, AND KEVISHA KERIKA RICHARDS, 24.

The couple was shot to death outside a home in Joan’s Heights on Tuesday morning. James was returning home from his birthday celebrations with Kevisha. He was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds to the upper body inside the vehicle and she was found suffering from gunshot wounds outside the home.

We can tell you the ex-boyfriend of Kevisha Richards is at CDU, singing like a canary. Great police detective work now points to an incident, which began with a fight on Sunday Dec. 16th evening between James, Kevisha and the suspect, where threats of death were exchanged.

Readers should be made aware that it was just a few months ago when this same suspect – who had no real love from his home – went to Kevisha’s mother’s home and violently shot up the property. WHAT IS DIS?

Kevisha, who was living on the violent edge of life and knew the danger and threats involved, placed her new lover, relatives and children in serious harms way. This is what happens when people around you don’t know how to choose the right friend!

Well, from the look of things, the police gat the man and this case is solved.

In fairness, we at BP remind you that neither police nor elected officials are committing these crimes. Bad decisions deep in and around THE HOME are the genesis of these violent incidents.

We report yinner decide!