Haiti’s Minister tells Bahama Government do not send its citizens home just yet! I guess we ga soon see who is in charge of the Bahamas!

Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Darren Henfield

NASSAU| The Haitian Minister says the Bahamas should not send back its citizens at this point following Dorian!

Haiti’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Bocchit Edmond said: “I sent a note, a letter to my counterpart minister Henfield requesting a kind of moratorium on the repatriation process because you may have people who are legally living in The Bahamas ending up here in Haiti because all their documents have been lost.

“I think they should give us a little time — as we are doing now; working on trying to help those people who lost their documents — to see how we can provide them with their legal documents so The Bahamas authorities can clearly and widely do what they want to do.”

Well, I guess the reparations are that important.


  1. Exactly how much of a push over does our government seem that everyone feels they have the right to demand what actions our government should take. Can our government dictate what a foreign government can do in their own country? Our government and its citizens are stretched to the limits…the large amount of illegal immigrants has resulted in a strain on our health care and educational system.The United States whose resources are astronomical compared to ours refuses to take on the burden. There is only so much burden a small country like The Bahamas can take before the financial situation eventually becomes detrimental to everyone.

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