Homicide #55 reported at Sydney Street in Chippingham tonight….Robbery turned fatal!

file photo

NASSAU| More sad news is coming in from the community of Sydney Street in Chippingham where we can confirm homicide #55 has been recorded.

We understand the incident is the result of an armed robbery where the victim was fatally shot to the head by his attacker.

Police we can confirm are right now on the scene gathering details and checking CCTV systems to track-down the killer.

This incident comes following the country’s 54th homicide where police say shortly after 10:00 p.m on Thursday June 18th, they were alerted to shooting incident, which occurred on Alocasia Ave, Garden Hills.

Officers responded and on their arrival at the scene, they found two males and a females suffering from gunshot wounds.

Emergency Medical Services were summoned, they transported the victims to the hospital, where one of the males later succumbed to his injuries and the others remain in stable condition.

Just Friday BP warned the general public that there were unfolding high incidents of armed robbery across NEW PROVIDENCE. BE SAFE YALL!