Journalist Juan McCartney quits Guardian Radio talk show

Juan McCartney

NASSAU| Veteran journalist Juan McCartney has announced to his radio listeners that tomorrow’s edition of Guardian Radio’s “The Revolution” will be his last show.

McCartney is also stepping down from his senior position at The Nassau Guardian, ending his nearly 10-year stint at the newspaper and radio station.

McCartney rose up the ranks of the paper’s leadership team, joining the Nassau Guardian as a senior reporter before heading the paper’s broadcast news arm, formerly known as Cable 12 news.

However, he shifted his focus back to newspaper and radio news after The Nassau Guardian and Cable Bahamas severed times over the summer.

McCartney, who joined the paper after leaving Wendell Jones’ JCN News, amassed an impressive following with his popular radio talk show, which covered hot button issues of the day and unapologetically flayed politicians when they stepped out of line.

After making a name for himself, McCartney has been courted by big name companies for years. However, he had pledged his loyalty to the Guardian.

His decision to finally make the leap caught his peers in the news industry by surprise.