Lady Rowena Finlayson aka Ro wife of Sir Garet ‘Tiger’ Finlayson has died…

Lady Rowena Finlayson aka Lady Ro

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is also reporting this morning the passing of Lady Rowena Finlayson aka Lady Ro, wife of businessman Sir Garet ‘Tiger’ Finlayson. She also passed away this morning.

To Sir Garet and all her children we offer our deep condolences.

Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis issued a statement following word of her passing writing, “Her philanthropy has assisted many, including young people in pursuing higher education.

“She was a supporter of the progressive movement and a Pindling PLP. We thank her for her support of our party and her service to our country, especially in the field of business.

“On behalf of my wife Ann Marie, Deputy Leader Chester Cooper and Mrs. Cooper, National Chairman Fred Mitchell, officers and members of the Progressive Liberal Party, I extend heartfelt condolences to her husband Garet and their children Tanya, Rae, Nikki and Mark during this very difficult period.”

Rest Eternal Grant Unto Her O Lord! AMEN…