Letter writer concerned over another fraudulent operation in the country!


IMG_20150620_183018Dear Editor,

I am concerned about a particular employment agency that goes my the name 3M Pillars (employmenthg@gmail.com).

I have applied for their services and was charged a $50 registration fee with a promise of at least 3 interviews within 5-6 weeks. With that being said, it is now June ’15, I have applied from March ’15.

I know the economy is in a slight downturn, but I was able to successfully get interviews and job offers on my own.

I have reached out to the agency, but to date there is no response on the matter.

There has to be something that can be done to get the word out or some investigation on this company.

For months I’ve seen the same positions advertised daily in the Tribune’s help wanted section. This is disturbing and a waste of money.