Line staff and management could walk off the job this coming week at BCB!


All ZNS employees were not paid on Friday and many are cussing! MOST HONOURABLE EVER promised no one would be victimized – but now they are not being paid!

Prime Minister Minnis at BIS and ZNS management and staff back in 2017. (BIS Photo/Kristaan Ingraham)

NASSAU| Major trouble is brewing at the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas after more than half of the employees failed to get paid on payday [Friday].

Scores of ZNS employees went to the bank on Friday in the hot sun, just to get scorched with no pay in the bank.

Some staff got their pay but others went home to use the bathroom after some, we understand, got the “belly” after nothing was in the bank.

ZNS Executives are at an impasse with both Management and Line Staff Unions and this coming week could be Armageddon at the Corporation.

BP understands a major staff withdrawal could be expected next week with both line staff and management as all are disgusted with the executive.

The move could spell trouble at ZNS with some pulling the plug on television and radio. This could be disastrous for the BCB.

Meanwhile the Minnis Government is getting ready to send home another wave of Government workers as money is tight and commitments cannot be met.

We report yinner decide!