Loose lips sink ships – Papa, Branville and Da Snitch GONE? – A senior member of the PLP could be axed from running


Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press has learnt leader of the PLP, Rt. Hon. Perry Christie, is in fighting shape and has set his eyes on forming the next government following the general elections.

With the plethora of issues rocking the ship of the FNM Government Crime, Unemployment and a bad Economy, Christie has added the theme “Believe” to his campaign; suggesting that the Ingraham-led administration simply don’t believe in Bahamians.

The issues highlighted in this article are just a few gripping the nation, back lashing the government despite its mass achievements over the past four and a half years.

This past Tuesday, the country saw the admission of defeat by, Branville McCartney, who said he may consider running in North Abaco and challenge Hubert Ingraham following the boundary cuts. The decision is calculating to a double victory for the Christie-led PLP.

McCartney’s idea to run in North Abaco proves one point, and it is this; he believes whether the seat remains the same or is cut from the boundries, that there will be two FNMs in the race and therefore, votes will split in Bamboo Town; tilting the favourite for the seat to fall into the hand of PLP political newcomer, Renward Wells. Bahamas Press assures our readers if McCartney moves or stays in Bamboo Town, he shall become a thing of the past in politics, and Wells, like night follows day, shall be seated in the Parliament.

By McCartney’s own logic [running from Bamboo Town to North Abaco], he confirms, if he stays, he goes, and if he goes to North Abaco, he and papa go. The logic is correct and will make North Abaco the real “TEST CASE” for the Bahamian people.

To this end, Papa has a game plan, and from the looks of things, Branville would have to change his Immigration policies in order to do battle in North Abaco.

Late-breaking news coming out of the Immigration Department confirms the Haitian vote in the 2012 elections will make all the difference in the world.

We are advise more than 1,500 persons have become citizens of the Bahamas since January 2011. Sources in the position to know have revealed to us, the FNM’s “Citizens-for-Votes’ Policy commenced just days after the Elizabeth by-elections of Feburary 16th, 2010.

Sources revealed, more than 300 Haitian born residents have been naturalized by the Ingraham Cabinet during the month of September alone.

We can also confirm more than 150 of those persons made citizens last month were of Haitian decent residing North Abaco.

The report out of the Immigration Department, however, is just one concern now hovering over the PLP. The second bit of data is even more frightening.

Sources in the PLP tell us a senior member of the party could find himself stopped, reviewed and cancelled by the Party’s Candidate’s Committee, and here’s what we know.

A report issued by an intelligence department of a foreign country confirmed data, which associates the senior PLP of a northern constituency as having conspired in an alleged crime against a citizen of that country.

The Christie machine moving on the ground in Exuma. Christie is READY!

Bahamas Press has been shown the documents, which are “Classified Information”, leaked to the world via WikiLeaks. In the report filed on 10/16/2009, logged Document #12958, pages cite how the senior PLP member is believed to have committed a crime against a citizen of North America. The communication was sent to the Justice Department of the country gathering the information, recorded and logged by the intelligence bureau.

Bahamas Press has learnt Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham could be holding the data in his ‘brand new bag’ to be used against the PLP in a smear campaign. If the candidate is named on the slate in the upcoming race, we believe all hell will break loose inside the Party.

The PLP senior man is known for his “Snitchin” ways and has regularly planted information in the Punch and Tribune against Perry Christie and others within the organization.

Recently he and his cohort, a fellow FNM supporter seeking the nomination in a northern New Providence constituency, known as the BIG ‘Poofter’’ are shameless! The couple have launched a volley of snag, ungodly attacks against PLP Leaders in a local tabloid.

Sources tell us the fate of the ‘Da Snitch’ now rests in the hands of Christie as the documents shown to BP are about to hit the room of the Party’s Candidates Committee. Will he say or will he go is the big question the world will be waiting for. Bahamas Press advises our thousands of daily readers to stay tuned and log on.

Papa GONE, Branville GONE and Da ‘Snitch’ GONE? Boy, BP is DANCING today!



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  2. Snitch? Powerhouse? What a joke! Not in the PLP nor anywhere else. Christie doesn;t have to rock no boat. Another bureau will.

  3. By declaring that he is considering running in North Abaco, McCartney is conceding that he has no hope in hell of ever becoming Prime Minister. And like I said earlier, **** ain’t going nowhere! **** has too much clout. Christie ain’t no Ingraham.

    • I agree Eagle. Not only does it make McCartney look bad, but my goodness the purpose of MP – Member of Parliament is to represent a constit. It’s about the people dammit! Not hoping around from boundary to boundary playing hop scotch because you wanna prove a point to Hubert Ingraham or Perry Christie!
      If he shows some substance, then maybe he would get a chance!

  4. When will BP learn that the “Snitch” of whom he refers, is a power house in the PLP and he ain’t going nowhere. Besides, Christie can’t bring himself to rock the boat…and a move like this will surely rock the boat.

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