Lynn Holowesko is at the center of an project to close down Goodman’s Bay Beach from the people


Lynn Holowesko and daughter plotted to shut down Goodman's Bay Beach from the people.

FNM quiet and environments say not a damn word on their plan to shut down Beach from the People

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press stands appalled by the comments on the crisis unfolding out in Cable Beach.

Yesterday, Senator Jerome Gomez noted how a company, associated with Lynn Holowesko and her daughter, proposes to channel sea water into the Baha Mar air-condition systems and, in order to do so, was proposing to close Goodman’s Bay down for six months.

Not a damn word over the possible environmental disaster - Eric 'TAKE DA CHEQUE' Carey, Director of the BNT


Not a damn word over the possible environmental disaster – Eric ‘TAKE DA CHEQUE’ Carey, Director of the BNT

The FNM, said not a damn word to the public about the accident waiting to happen. In fact, they never raised the matter in the Parliament and today refused to call the names of the players [Lynn Holowesko and her daughter] in comments to the press.


Doesn’t Baha Mar, Lynn Holowesko [A FORMER EXECUTIVE OF THE BAHAMAS NATIONAL TRUST] and the FNM know that the company of which she and her daughter are a part has no experience in using this technology?

Do they not know what irreversible environmental damage this could cause to the community? Will there be dead fish floating at sea as a result? WE DO NOT KNOW!

Then there is the fear of human disasters like cancer.

What does the Holoweskos, know about cooling systems and their affect on humans that use that very beach day after day?

Imagine that! They know this could be risky, but  say not a damn word about it. And is only concerned as to whether or not the PLP will give the contract to a PLP?

Boy, yinner in the FNM are headed on a collision course and are going nowhere, FAST!

Oh, by the way, where are the so-called “Environmentalist voices” including ERIC CAREY of the Bahamas National Trust?

What a country?

We report yinner decide!