Major boating accident on Eleuthera has claimed the lives of several persons tonight…


Tragedy strikes at sea near Briland claiming the lives of four residents…

Young woman’s remains was first from Lower Bogue Eleuthera to be recovered from vessel which trapped victims following a boating accident.

Eleuthera | There is mourning at the dock on Eleuthera tonight following a major boating accident in the community of North Eleuthera in the vicinity of Briland, that has claimed the lives of at least four victims.

BP teams on the ground have confirm the incident where the vessel trapped its victims underneath the boat making rescue difficult.

We know one of the victims is a female and is this female photo from Lower Bogue Eleuthera is being widely shared on social media. We are praying for her family in this most difficult hour.

This incident follows another boating accident around the waters of New Providence on Sunday, which claimed the life of a male victim. That victim’s body was brought to the Montaque Ramp earlier tonight.

We report yinner decide!

Scenes from that Jet Ski/ boat accident which claimed the life of one male.