Man believed to be responsible for the murder of 8-year-old Engene Woodside

The young 8-year-old gunned down today. The 104th homicide victim today. Tonio Eugene Woodside. MAY HE REST IN PEACE!

Nassau, Bahamas – The man believed to have been responsible for the murder of that 8-year-old schoolboy Eugene Woodside, who you would remember was gunned down inside his home as he did his school homework. He was 104th homicide victim.

Police have confirmed that at 12 noon they will present to court an adult male on two counts of murder victims, one which will include the murder Woodside which occurred on the 25th of September on Rosebud Street, Chippingham.

Meanwhile, an adult male and a juvenile male will be charged with two separate counts of possession of firearm and ammunitions. Maybe they will get a fine like FNM John Bostwick.

We report yinner decide!