Work permits issued while hundreds sit home – unemployed and DYING!!!

BTC abandoned head office.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is asking a fundamental question: How can the Government of the Bahamas issue Work Permits to expats when Cable & Wireless came here in 2011 and sent home over 400 Bahamians in that year? WHAT IS THIS?!

BTC has reduced the staff from over 1,200 to 400 and, while qualified competent Bahamians sit home punishing in the heat of unemployment and frustration, the government who serves them are issuing work permits for BTC? THIS CANNOT BE RIGHT OR JUST!

Right now top executives at the national leading telephone company have contacted teams from the region to take jobs away from Bahamians to lay fibre in the country. 

We know a group of expats is working right now on the island of New Providence, laying out Fibre to Homes, while Bahamians – like refugees – are sitting in tents, unemployment lines and seeking work which everyone knows they can do as well or better than foreigners.

We also know in short order a proposal will be laid on the desk of the NEW DAY Government to extend the work permits for the expats at BTC, permits which were approved initially by the OUTGOING GONE MINNIS-LED REGIME. This cannot continue or dogs will eat the lunch of the Bahamian people!

Bahamians have been building Fiber Networks from Asa Ferguson’s time. All those Bahamian Fiber Technicians are sitting home, doing nothing, and they are bringing in Expats to do what Bahamians can do? This ain’t right Bahamas! It is not fair!

We at BP want to remind yinner how Hubert Ingraham let C&W decimate the Middle Class in this country. Hubert Minnis came and tried to place every Bahamian on some breadbasket line while he raised taxes through the roof!  You mean to tell us Bahamians are no longer qualified to answer 916 and 914?

BTC needs a rescue – URGENTLY! MAYDAY!!! MAYDAY!!!

We report yinner decide!