Mike Misick’s statement on Jak Civre’s charges

Michael Misick

Turks and Caicos Islands –  The British occupiers continue their political persecution, harassment and violation of the human rights of former ministers, their families and anyone that supported us politically or shared in our view of an independent Turks and Caicos Islands.

Yesterday they have taken their harassment to a new low. They have charged a man who has spent his own money in developing one of the finest resorts in the Caribbean. A man who made hundreds of millions of dollars in Europe and was retired in the Turks and Caicos Islands for many years before being convince by the former government to invest in the old Ramada site and turn it into the first class Seven Stars Resort that it is today.

I condemn the arrest and charging of Mr. Civre, a man of integrity. The developers association and the hotel association should also condemn the actions of the British Government for arresting and charging Mr. Civre.

In recent history, every single substantial investor both local and foreign has given political contributions to both parties and individual politicians to further their political aims. In the absence of campaign finance laws there is nothing illegal about campaign contributions.

Since Mr. Civre is charged everyone who has given political contributions should also be charged. It is wrong for the British governor and his persecutors to hand pick developers to charge for giving political contributions when all have given political contributions.

This whole process is an attempt to silence the voices of people that have made economic and political gains and to try and derail our movement towards independence by tarnishing the name of leading politicians and their supporters.

It’s the British that has ruined our country. They have absolutely no respect for our people. Every day and night they are changing laws to make it easier to politically persecute us.

Those of you who may be rejoicing today, I warn you that the changes in the jury system will affect everyone.  The changes in the hearsay law will affect all of us. We live in a different society than England.  It can’t be right that someone can give a witness statement implicating you and then do not come to court to be cross examined on their statement or look you in the eyes and say what they heard.

The changes in the proceeds of crime law and the changes to various laws on evidence that was changed specifically to assure them a conviction against me and my colleagues will come back to haunt all of you.  Any power that goes unchecked is wrong; any dictatorship is wrong; political prosecution is wrong and any violation of human right is wrong.  It can’t be wrong in Syria and Lybia but right when the British does it in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

I call on the population to speak out against injustice; I call on the pastors to speak out against injustice; and I call on every resident and citizen to speak out.

I expected to be politically persecuted, but in the midst of my challenge I can say what they are doing to Mr. Jak Civre is wrong and should not be condone.  No further investors will put another dime in the Turks and Caicos Islands and risk being politically persecuted because of their political contributions.

The harassment, blackmailing and political persecution must stop.  We must take our country back before there is nothing left to take back.

Every Turks and Caicos islander is hurting, thousands are out of work and hundreds more are about to lose their jobs in the public and private sectors.  When will it end?  We say enough is enough!! And British go home and leave us alone.

They come and experiment on us. The more they come, the worse it gets. We continue to pray and ask God to deliver us from the hands of the wicked and restore our beloved Turks and Caicos to the shining star it once was.   Free us of this British rule.  We long to be a free and proud people to chart our own destiny in a free and sovereign state.


  1. Missick’s next statement may be from a British prison.
    Missick and his corrupt regimeexploited their positions of trust given them by the people of T&C for their own gain to the point of seriously crippling the economy of the island and thus hurting their own constituents.
    the British, who have responsibility for the islands — a responsibility recognised by the UN — after much consideration stepped in and took control of the territory to get it back on track and moving forward again. The British are restoring peace, order and good government to the T&C and shortly the parliament will be back in operation and elections held. As for this man who has been arrested. Serious people realise that the British would not move against someone, certainly a foreigner in T&C, without sufficient cause. To have Missick as an ally is no ally.
    Should the islanders seek indepdendence from the UK the British will, as they have done since World War II, grant it according to the wishes of the people. When The Bahamas sought independence there was no problem with the British saying “wait!” . They worked with us quickly to achieve it. We didn’t “Fight” for our independence. We asked and it was readily granted.
    Missick is a mess.

    • Yall need to read that report by the then governor on corruption. Report can be located at the Wikileaks website:


      It doesn’t hold any punches on the corruption that was allegedly occurring down there. Missick needs to go away for about 20 years with the possibility of parole after 13 years good behavior. Send him to a British prison.

      That Lisa Ray McCoy Missick deserves to goto jail as well. She jumped ship when she saw the writing on the wall. She was there doing the lavish spending of the people’s monies, she was there through it all.

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