Minnis Government has resigned to taxing the DEAD TO GET AHEAD! NO PLAN – NO VISION!


The Minnis–Led OUTGOING Government Taxes the dead in 2019/20 Budget…

The morgue

NASSAU| There are no explanations in the condensed online budget to expose it, but the Minnis Government has moved from increasing taxes on the living to imposing new taxes on the dead in the new budget cycle.

From the baby to senior, now even the dead will not get away from the Minnis 2019/20 austerity Budget.

And here are the facts no one is discussing. To perform an autopsy (per body) Private Ward taxpayers will pay the following: adult $700, infants $500.

If deceased dies on the Open Ward or if there is a suspicious death, adults will now pay $350 and $250 for infants suffering suspicious deaths. The handling of bodies will now cost the family of the deceased $100.

Funeral homes now will have to pass on a $50 late fee per day for not picking up a dead body on time. No corpse will be released if the payments are not paid in full. Oh BOY!

Well, it is not even the dead people’s time under the OUTGOING Minnis Regime.

Now Members of the Cabinet will not discuss these changes to its income logs. They have no comments on these items, which will affect all families as of July 1. They rather talk about their political opponents and what happened following the 1987 elections. When ya think they ga get to the story of how Sir Stafford enriched himself off the Bahamian taxpayers.

We warned Bahamians that the government is heartless and cold. Like the dead their hearts are cold as ice! Taxing the dead and deeply adding more stress to already stressed out families is HEARTLESS!.

All we ga say is this: Make more space for them bodies at the morgue cause people ga stop showing up for they own people dem!

We report yinner decide!