More illegal persons flow in at LPIA than on Haitian sloops, a Cabinet report confirms




A racket at the Lynden Pindling International Airport [LPIA] is confirmed in a report to the government of The Bahamas, who seem powerless to break the illegal ring entering the country.


Bahamas Press has learned that a report was submitted to the Cabinet of the Bahamas revealing that hundred of illegal individuals without title or status are being allowed access into the country without any proper documentation. One source confirmed that many of the persons entering come in undetected by officials.


“The government of The Bahamas has turned a blind eye to the report which confirms that more persons are entering the country through the front door, than those entering through the back door [with Haitian sloops and power boats],” a ministry of immigration official told Bahamas Press.


“Almost every night a plane load of people under the dead of night disembark from a private carrier at LPIA. The plane arrives at times early in the morning when immigration and customs officers have left their early morning duty.


“We are aware of this matter and whilst our men are on the ground sweeping the ground monitoring the backdoor areas of the country, we are keenly aware that there is a racket now at the airport allowing these planeloads clearance into the country in the dead of morning,” the immigration officer noted.


The report was presented to the Cabinet for action however little is known about how vast the network is and what other countries are involved.


“We know for a fact that some of these people trafficked and cleared on flights entering the Bahamas are strippers for some club owners in rotation in the country. And some are simply persons being smuggled through the country for entry into the United States ,” the source noted.


“Persons would remember that of the terrorists in the September 11th attacks did used the Grand Bahama port of entry as a channel through the country where he took part in the attacks on the World Trade Centre.”


One wonders how much more persons are being moved into the Bahamas on these carriers at LPIA, where the individuals are allowed entry. Who are these individuals? Are some more terrorist onboard the flights and given access through the country? One will never know, until perhaps the report is published or acted upon.  


Bahamas Press has learned that the reports like many others – despite its serious nature – is collecting dust somewhere in a Cabinet folder.



  1. Arawak Cay restaurants need to be raided for illegal immmigrants… the food and serving it.

    Kim you are right…construction sites, farms and janitorial services….all havens for illegal immigrant workers.

  2. The raid on the Straw Market was a long time coming. It was interesting to me that one of the women thought she could just defy the immigration officer. I was glad to see he was respectful but continued to be firm. After listening to last night’s news, I do have a problem that needs addressing. Apparently several illegals and even those two with work permits showed back up to the market and were working the next day. Why? The two with the work permits should have had them taken away as they were for domestic purposes only. The others should be being processed at the detention center. This sets me to thinking that possibly a call was made and thse people were re-instated because some one of influence still has a lot of power. I hope someone will follow up on this and let the public know why these persons are back at the location; who the principals are who own the stalls (not the workers) and why immigration did not do a follow-up the next day. Follow-up is a very important aspect of any operation.

  3. @Kim
    They need to check in the back of those restaurants for more then immigrants!!
    We have no enforced food safety in the Bahamas

  4. I forgot the fast food places; they need to check in the back of these restaurants. Does the Department of Immigration have a tip line? I know a restaurant that is only hire illegal immigrants.

  5. Min. McCartney if you are reading this blog, please check into these, farm workers, Janitorial companies and construction sites as well. Bahamian people to like to hire these illegal immigrants and pay them minimum wages and don’t make National Insurance contribution for these people.

  6. I have long thought that there should be a complete investigation into the Straw Market a.k.a. the Flea Market. Exactly how many and who are the true owners of the business? Is there some reason why the “knock off” items, the sale of which we know to be illegal, are still being offered to our visitors? Before we approve the building of anything on the old site some important questions need to be asked and answered. If important names are attached to these answers then let’s finally call them out and prosecute whomever we must.

  7. I am very proud of Branville as Minister of Immigration. Like I said I was sorry about the small number as I am sure there are more illegals in that Straw Market than just 20.

    Branville represents the kind of young, fresh, decent leadership needed in BOTH the FNM and the PLP.

    Jamaicans and Haitians have “infested” that market and I always wondered how the Bahamians working there dealt with that competition.

    I agree who ever is harbouring them needs to be locked up as well. Most importantly those who produced permits need to be investigated as I truly believe those permits are “Pa Bum”.

  8. The last time I visit the straw market I thought I was in Haiti. Most of the vendors who I came in contact with did not speak a word of English. It is time the government cracks down on these illegal immigrants. Bahamians do not have anywhere to go to sell their goods. The illegal immigrants have taken over our school and hospital. They are having more children than Bahamians. I agree with Mrs. Lundy, who was on the news saying, that the Bahamians need to be locked up as well, they so stupid hiring these illegal people for cheap labour. Finally there is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Far too long, I felt that these people had taken over our country completely. The Hon. Branville McCartney is trying to get back what belongs to us Bahamians.

  9. I am so impressed with the job Branville McCartney is doing with these illegal immigrants. I hope they do not stop him, because any time someone is doing a good job in Immigration they like to move them. Mr. Branville McCartney my man of business is taking his job seriously.

  10. Did you all see how the Immigration Department hit the Straw Market today? its about time. I tell you all the new Minister is not playing. He is DOING his job !! The only thing though I am shocked at the small number (20) of illegals caught. I expected more to be caught and the few who had permits …. well lets just say I think Immigration needs to thoroughly examine the authenticity of those permits.

  11. Kalinago, I hope the Minister of Immigration or one of his reps are on this blog and see your post. Do you have directions to this house so that the cops/Immigration can bust them?

    This sort of thing must stop. Too much corruption ALLOWED in this town. The new Minister of Immigration will take care of this once he knows the details.

  12. The Magic City Night Club brings in young women from Jamaica to work as dancers. These young women come in on a tourist visit. This means they are working illegally in the country. They are housed in a house or apartment complex in Coral Harbour. I wish Immigration had an anonymous hotline. And Bahamians who are hiring them should be equally prosecuted. One or more of the ladies are fully employed as adult/sensual massage therapists or massause from a massage parlour in jamaica.

  13. This is pathetic! I think Bahamians need to stage a MASS demonstration followed by a rally to express grave concern about the ills in this country….especially ills which can easily be corrected by this present government.

    A demonstration and rally so huge (inclusive of every disgruntled group) that the government will HAVE TO do something about our present state.

  14. We need a national service program to properly train our young men to defend this land. Obviously the police and immigration aint cutting it.

  15. What is the Airport Authority doing?Bahamas Immigration is a joke.It is time for real enforcers to be stationed at the airport to avoid LPIA being decertified.Something has broken and must be fixed.

  16. Joe Blow.
    I just want to show how secure ourAirport is from illegal immigration.
    During the 2007 elections, a whole 19-seated plane went missing and it appeared as if someone told the birds on the tarmac to keep silent the next morning. No one had a clue and no one said anything.

    However, I must congratulate the Port Authority for taking back Arawak Cay from the Haitian Sloop Traders. Or maybe the Government billed enough courage to do so to prepare for the New Port Terminal.
    If the Government has the courage to run the Haitians, you know moving the Bahamian Arawak Cay vendors is a piece of cake.

  17. A few months ago as I was sitting in the departure lounge waiting for a flight out to Canada, I noticed 10 males (appeared to be (Hondurans)coming from the departure hall through the security Exit doors into the area where the passengers were sitting. They were being escorted by 2 persons-not immigration, with airport badges. It was obvious they had deplaned from another flight but were not going through immigration. They returned 30 minutes later and boarded another plane though no flight announcement had been made and no one else boarded the plane. I thought the whole episode was very strange.

  18. Vell muddho, Hardhead gal. You make me choke, with that joky talk. I hope the Immigration peeps what giving these people permission to steal we jobs ain’t gonna cry when they family can’t get jobs. Cause after BP bust this up, Immigration gonna be tight.

  19. And Freeport is being invaded by the Filipinos and Pakistanis who buying up all the rice and flour from city market. cant find a trolley these days cause they using them instead of catching a taxi or taking a bus.

  20. One man and three women are in police custody assisting police in connection with another murder last night. Police found in the Masion Addition area a dead man around 8 PM with wounds about the body.

    In Grand Bahama the young man shot at the Pepper Pot restaurant succumbed to his injuries this morning. That is the 3rd murder at Pepper Pot for the year.

  21. This is for true. When I in the bank and the foodstore, sometimes I feel like I in a foreign country. I gotta look dead hard to find one next Bahamian in the same place as me. Everyone wanna make one extra couple of dollars. This been going on from time. It just happening more now cause everybody want nice things.

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