Murder #159 on Soildier Road Tonight…Man stabbed to death by Gang


Bahamas PRESS has just received word that a young man was hunted down and stabbed to death by a group of young men at Sugar Kid Bowe Club on Soldier Road. The young man died at the PMH after 8PM tonight.

Intelligence  on the street now suggest a pack of angry Somalian looking young men are in search of the killers to eliminate them. BP warns drivers to avoid the area as vigilante justice is the order of the day in the Bahamas.

Tonight’s murder is the #159th since 2009.


    • We born in a corrupted society,& the young people to day has no love or care in their hearts,until we as citizen of our islands,{find our god} right now it looks like the young people is jest for them self not for each other like in our days when love was real& caring was the thing.

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