NIB orders security to carry out Customer Service functions, not in their job description…

NIB Headquarters

NASSAU| There is an interesting development now unfolding at the National Insurance Board. Security officers at the board have become customer service representatives while the staff hides behind the glass.

BP went to NIB to witness the new decision at the Board and, rightly so, we were entertained by security staff telling us how to check up on our payments.

Now this move by the Board is indeed interesting, especially after, just a few weeks ago, it terminated the services of security staff for doing the very same thing: providing customer services to NIB clients.

Staff told us, “How could you fire a staffer for doing what is now the new function of security staff? Security at the board is hired to maintain the security of NIB and its staff and not carry out such tasks of assisting clients with their concerns. The function of customer service is where the staff and not security comes into play but the staff is hiding to avoid interaction with customers.”

NIB has been flooded with client requests over the past few months during the pandemic and scores of Bahamians now unemployed are dangerously in need of assistance.

The Bahamas is the only country in all the Caribbean that has been able to support its citizens with unemployment benefit payments through the NIB Scheme. NIB was a creation of the Pindling PLP Government and was opposed and rejected by the creatures deep inside the FNM.

Thank GOD FOR NIB AND THE PLP in these rough economic times.

We report yinner decide!