Nurses run into an impasse with the PHA over new shift system – Meanwhile, chaos continues inside the healthcare system…

Barbara Hanna is paid more than nurses and doctors and she is the cleaning lady.

NASSAU| The system of healthcare could be on the verge of collapse as nurses refuse to work under the new shift system introduced by the PHA last November.

Negotiations between the Public Hospitals Authority and the Bahamas Nurses Union remain at an impasse over the eight-hour shift system, which was to begin in December.

According to the union president Amancha Williams, “No one started the new shift system underneath the BNU and no one will start that shift change.”

The new system suggested that nurses scheduled to work between 6pm and 6am will be paid $1.75 per hour in addition to their base pay. That new system resulted in sickouts and protests by nurses.

The proposal is not going to be accepted by nurses and therefore today scores of patients in the Emergency Section of PMH are being left unattended as the environment gets worse by the minute.

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