Opposition Leader sends his sadness at Labour Day tragedy…


From The Office Of The Leader of the PLP On the Deaths and Injury On Labour Day Parade

Live at the Labour Day parade 2018.

1 June 2018

For Immediate Release

I am deeply saddened and upset by the loss of life and the injuries that occurred on the Labour Day Parade. It is such a sad thing that on what should have been a joyous day, our nation must  mourn.

Hon. Philip Brave Davis – Leader of the Opposition.
We are often reminded that in the midst of life there is death but we are never ever prepared for losses of this shocking nature.

We grieve with and pray for the families. All PLPs join me in these condolences. Our prayers are with the families of the deceased and with those of the injured. We pray that the healing hand of providence is extended to them all as they work through this crisis. My wife Ann joins me as well in these expressions.

May they rest in peace! 

God bless the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.