Pastor’s pilot toyboy quickly flies to Nassau to collect his sex items out of church residence in Western New Providence….

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NASSAU| The ‘toyboy’ who flew from Exuma and into the residence of a church at the invitation of a pastor in western New Providence has now packed up his last remaining items following BP’s shocking report just days before Christmas.

We reported how the senior pastor of a big-time church in Western New Providence used the church residence as a “den for devils”, hosting wicked evening acts of carnal delights inside.

Senior ministers became concerned with the behavior of the pastor who wined, dined and [you know what we want to say], splurging donations on his pilot toyboy for years. Schooling the toyboy through St. Anne’s and St. Johns College and later onto aeronautics school in the United States all supported and paid for by the church.

The senior pastor is also responsible for the education of several sitting politicians who we know once also resided deep inside his residence. WE TELL YALL – BP GERN ROGUE IN 2020!

The young toyboy, who recently married an American lives and works between Florida and Nassau area for a major airline carrier, got wind of BP’s shocking report and hurriedly flew to Nassau to remove his jockstraps and sex toys before our forensic teams could get access inside the sex den.

The toyboy bonked many days and nights in the church residence with the pastor, who the whole world now knows is unashamed of his uncontrolled passion for the young toyboys and Cinderellas of the nation.

Senior clerics, who recently moved the pastor from his post out west and into a church deep in the heart of over-the-hill, are now determined to clean house without whispering one word. But BP is watching and has now focused our full attention to the goings-on in the west and over-the-hill.

But here’s some advice from BP: If anyone is really serious about ridding the plague and scars that have marred the Church all these years, leaders should send the pastor packing into early retirement so he can jet around the world with his toyboy lover – whose American wife remains deep in the dark with his dark secret love-affair for the pastor. And we should add – the pastor is not the only cleric who should be sent into early retirement!

All we say is this: This one ain’t ga end nice and no lodge, no fraternity, and no TWO FOOT MAN will be able to stop BP from exposing more details on this report. Stay tuned – MORE TO COME!


We report yinner decide!


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