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Nassau, Bahamas — This one is hard for BP to contend with because we believe 100% in the Church. We believe the nation that forgets GOD is DAMNED and is headed on a rocky road to hell. But we have uncovered some ‘DUT’ among Christians in Bahamian churches whereby if Jesus came here today, he would whip their backsides out of the Church just as he did before.

Bahamas Press is tracing the unchristian ways of a pedophile now former music teacher at Oakes Field Primary School, Marvin Sands.

Sands you would have heard us say is the brother of the high-ranking inspector and former Police Staff Association President, Bradley Sands.

How Marvin committed so many heinous acts against children and got away with it is yet to be known. That is an investigation for the police and not BP.

Marvin you should know was dismissed from Queen’s College for allegedly molesting students at the New Dollhouse of Village Road. He was moved from C. R. WALKER for the same thing. The same he was accused of doing at R. M. Bailey and then again at Oakes Field Primary. But if you think those incidents were all don’t be surprise when we say there are more cases.

Sands has a record of pedophilia among his circles in the church and this is where we will go today.

You should know the Sands family members are regular worshipers at the Transfiguration Baptist Church on Blue Hill Road. Some time before Marvin left the church BP can confirm records of his ‘vicked’ behaviour became known when he had violated a 13-year-old girl. She accused Sands forcing his unquenchable sexual desires on her against her will. Here was another case where everyone from the pulpit to the family down to the doorkeeper knew, and yet no one defended the adolescent victim. We are told Social Services at the time was not called in, the police never got involved and another crime by Sands was swept under that ‘DUTTY’ RUG!

Following that episode of trauma, Marvin packed his keyboard and moved to the hillside of Harold Road and joined the Trinity Assembly Church. He immediately became a musician in the ministry. He is today an active member of the youth department now headed by ZNS news anchor Clint Watson.

Now we know of several stories up there where some unnatural acts of carnal delights are festering like raw sewerage! We at BP call on the senior pastor to quickly DEAL WITH THE MATTERS UP THERE BEFORE BP must call on its international agencies to step in and take care of the problem. But we will not go there today.

While at Trinity, we can confirm more than 5 separate incidents of pedophilia by Sands have been committed against young teen girls.

In one incident of molestation, which occurred back some five years ago, senior members of the church coached the victim’s parents to not report the matter to the police or Social Services. Sands had violated the young girl in the most unchristian way and the entire leadership of the organization closed ranks around him in an attempt to hush the issue. The family could not take the bias stance and left.

How could a church operating in the name of GOD allow such to happen to CHILDREN?

Bahamas Press is concerned with these kinds of news coming out of the Church. The Catholic Church is not the only place under fire these days for pedophilia and not only priests are guilty of such crimes. And therefore we put the following questions to the leaderships of Transfiguration Baptist and Trinity Assembly:

  • Why was not the department of Social Services contacted following the incidents involving Sands against your youth memberships?
  • Why was the police not alerted on these matters?
  • Why were the incidents covered up?
  • In the case of Trinity Assembly [knowing the record of Sands] why is Sands – to this day – allowed to operate and travel with young people in the youth department?

To the High Command of the Royal Bahamas Police Force we ask:

  • Were there efforts by authorities to cover-up this FILT, if yes, by whom?
  • Is it still a crime to cover up a crime of Statutory Rape?

We hang our heads down in SHAME when we investigate these reports and all we could say is this, “Look what these people have turned the House of God into!”




  1. In respond to Black Beauty Question: Why are the churches covering up these ungodly things in the name of Jesus? They are covering it up, because they don’t want to lose their existing members and people who are interested in joining the church. If they lose their members and people stop joining the church then that would mean they would be losing monies. You now see play right and why they might want to cover up this type of situation? The bottom line their mean concern is their monies, they are not willing to let some innocent little children get in the way of the amount of monies they could generate. You could see they are not into that, just by the way they handle this situation with Marvin. Plenty of these churches are only around for the monies, but I blame the parents for sitting down on it. If it was my child and somebody do that to it, you think I could careless about that pastor and his membership? I don’t understand what is going on with those parents, but somehow, the pastors must have managed to convince them that child will be able to get over it in time, so don‘t go public with it. You know you have some people they would do anything to please their pastor.

  2. How many ungodly things has this man gotten away with and no one said or did nothing? Why are the churches covering up these ungodly things in the name of Jesus?

    I know of Trinity Assembly and I know they are only saying that this is an attack on them as they did in the past. I know it will again be swept under the rug and nothing done with Marvin.

    I call on the authorities to do something about this man before he molests one of their own children. This is wrong and he should be punished for his wrong doing.

  3. Aint know whats next in this county PPl cant send they children to church Boy or Girls for these alleged.

  4. It just goes to show why you shouldn’t swear for anyone. Before reading about these allegations, if someone had asked me to give a character reference about Marvin, my response would have been that he was an upstanding citizen that all young men should consider modeling themselves after. Always nicely groomed, well mannered and an individual who spend a lot of his time in the Lord‘s House. I would have said that, because I knew him most of my life and this was always the impression I had of him. These allegations pertaining to him has not even register to me yet, it is like it is taking so long to sink in, I guess it is because I never expected this from him. I don’t know for sure if he is innocent or guilty, but I feel that these are too much of a coincident. If it had happened once, then I would have said maybe they trying to pin something on him. Right now, with this long list of allegations, one coming after the next, I believe it is a 99 percent chance, he did do these shameful things.

  5. It’s a sad day for the church. The last institution you would expect to cloak pedophiles. Trinity Assembley should be brought before the courts as well. No wonder the country is in the state that it is in.!

  6. It’s a sad day for the church. The institution you would expect to cloak pedophiles. Trinity Assembley should be brought before the courts as well. No wonder the country is in the state that it is in.!

  7. Just one correction. Transfiguaration Baptist Church is located on Market and Vesey Streets. It was founded by the late Charles thompson. The current pastor is Rev. Stephen Thompson

  8. Yes, why, why, why is he still working among the youth in the church???? We need stop acting like the church is a hideout for criminals, man. This is disgusting! His dut is finally catching up with him. Finally!!!!!

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