Poor showing for Alfred Sears spells trouble in Fort Charlotte – PLPs boycott Sears Event!


Poor showing of supporters in Fort Charlotte for Alfred Sears spells trouble for his candidacy…FNM and DNA candidates show up to support Sears…

FNM Fort Charlotte candidate Mark Humes supports Alfred Sears… WHAT IS DIS?

Nassau, Bahamas – Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press is reporting serious problems in the Fort Charlotte camp of the PLP where candidate Alfred Sears could not get PLP delegates at his rally Saturday night on Christie Park.

BP agents on the ground confirm the candidate had free food, free drinks and multiple entertainment acts and yet the event was still poorly attended with almost no PLP delegate support showing up.

Sears is seeking to challenge PLP leader and strongman, Perry Christie, who has served as leader of the Party since 1997. He is also seeking an election to Parliament following his ratification as the candidate in the Fort Charlotte Constituency. But PLP leaders might have to assess that decision following the poor showing of support for Sears in the constituency.

Sears, we can say, has lost touch with the community and with PLPs in particular. In 2008, when the PLP was in a battle for its life under Ingraham Rule, Sears abandoned the PLP and went back into private practice. Even with Sears leaving the Party, the PLP went on to win the 2012 General Election with “Chief Abandoner” Andre Rollin. Rollins eventually left the PLP and went on try break up the leadership of the FNM. He too was a bad candidate and his failed in his efforts to destroy the PLP and FNM Party for social interest groups. We believe Fort Charlotte is cursed and should be cut out of the boundaries altogether and assigned a new name.

Attending the event in support of Sears was FNM candidate for Fort Charlotte Mark Humes and DNA supporter and former candidate Celi Moss. Both are shown live on the ground by our drone cam.
Sears dem didn’t invite the press. Dey didn’t even invite BP after we asked repeatedly WHEN WILL THE SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PAID FOR THE CARIBBEAN MUZIK FESTIVAL WILL BE RETURNED TO THE PUBLIC TREASURY OF THE BAHAMAS! Sears and another according to Obie Wilchcombe convinced the government to sponsor the event with the public money, yet to this day, the event has yet to happen!


With only a few PLP delegates at an event with free food, Free beer, Free peanuts and a cast of Bahamian musical talent, one must now be concerned with the candidacy of Sears in Fort Charlotte and question whether he can win the seat for the PLP.

What is dis?!

We report yinner decide