Queen of Victimization Chokes on Her Own Medicine

ZNS News Set

NASSAU| BP just got the scoop from Z.N.S. after waiting all day for our Z.N.S. sources to gather up some facts.

Mattress Beverley Curry, Queen of Victimization and Sorcery seemed to have pissed off the wrong person and landed under a curved ton of bricks that not even her buddy Duane Sands could flatten. 

Seems like the staunch P.L.P. turned F.N.M. opportunist, has run out of luck, and is in deep doo-doo with Z.N.S. for double-dipping….Double Dippin’!!!

What in da hell is dis?! The Mistress of Dark Sorcery or Obeah, as we call it, has a whole lot of explaining to do to N.I.B. for taking its money and balling it out while getting her regular paycheck. 

Mattress Curry, who was not seen at Z.N.S. for months, trying to dodge the bullet, was ordered back to work and stripped of her news boss portfolio and told to leave the premises at once.

‘Don’t call us! We will call you!’, Curry was told by the Board of Directors as she walked through a fence in the back of Z.N.S. that serves as a short cut to Hawkins’ Hill. She was too shame to walk through Z.N.S’ front door. 

For years, Mattress Curry has been victimizing P.L.P.s at Z.N.S., having them work in fear of her spiteful tactics. She has wielded her evil whip and cracked it over the backs of P.L.P.s for the last time. Time longer than rope, Mudda dem said, and every rope has an end. WAIT WAIT!

The Mattress Black Mamba was also being watched for making money deals with innocent Family Islanders when she traveled for her TV show that no one watches. Things that were to be free, had to be paid for by these people if you get our meaning. What in da hell is dis?!

BP said she was double dipping but we should call it triple-dipping. She gone from ripping off N.I.B. to ripping off Z.N.S. to having a whole pile of weeding-yard contracts issued to her by the government of The Bahamas which is led by LYIN’ PM Minnis, who suffers from the LYIN’ virus more deadly these days than COVID19.

Curry is a Z.N.S. Manager, why does she have several weeding-yard contacts? Is this how the TRANSPARENT and ACCOUNTABLE F.N.M. government operates??? What in da triple hell is dis?!

Broke Curry might turn to tactics of another FNM who open up a go-fund-me account to pay her bills. We ga see how that ends!

BP is curious to see how the Mattress is going to SLEEP her way out of this hellish conch salad. 

Meanwhile BP is closely investigating the behaviours of a sitting FNM Senator who we know is collecting several cheques from the public purse and has failed to report to work for more than a year. Keep reading – ANYDAY you will be next in line.

We report!! Yinner Decide!!!