Queen’s Counsel Brian Moree set to be announced as the country’s next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court! HALLELUJAH!!!

Brian Moree Q.C. is set to become the country’s next Chief Justice this coming summer!

NASSAU| Just as we are set to project Philip Brave Davis is on the path to become the country’s 5th Prime Minister, BP’s eyes within the Government can now confirm noted Bahamian Queen’s Counsel Brian Moree will be sworn in as the country’s next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court this coming summer!

Back on June 1, 2015, Moree was sworn in as an Acting Justice of the Supreme Court in this photo shown above.

Moree is regarded as one of the most highly respected senior lawyers and experienced, competent litigators in The Bahamas. He is widely acknowledged as a leading litigator in the jurisdiction, and respected across the political divide. This is a good and sound move by the administration.

Sources deep inside the walls of the Government now tell us, “Moree will set a new standard in the judicial arm of the Government and set a new direction for the course of justice in the Bahamas; a real need in this most difficult time in our national development.”

BP remembers how Q.C. Moree wailed the backside of Save the Bays Bimini Blue Coalition, which organized to block development and progress for Bahamians. Save the Bays wanted to cause unemployment for Bahamians in Bimini and had hope the investors reconsider their investment in the Bahamas. That legal victory brought global attention as Moree dropped kicked Save the Bays with his sound legal mind and defeated the rogue political action group at the Privy Council. Moree has delivered jobs and JUSTICE for Bahamians before, and we are confident to know and believe he will do it once again at the top of our judicial arm.

We at Bahamas Press welcome the administration’s decision with this appointment. And WE BEG THE NEED TO HAVE A COMMISSION OF INQUIRY ON THE ROYAL BAHAMAS POLICE FORCE! Marvin Pratt is missing. Wanted men are being shot dead in the road! Political persecutions is rocking the country and three ‘dutty wutless’ Cabinet Ministers believe they would exercise injustice, meddle in our prosecutions, collude and interfere in the course of justice and still represent Bahamians – THIS CANNOT HAPPEN AND WE WANT JUSTICE FOR OUR SYSTEM!

We at BP will be looking to our new Chief Justice to strike the balance and use his powers to bring correction and clarity in the interpretation of the laws! This is good.

Moree’s practice includes commercial and civil litigation, insolvency, corporate and trust structuring, banking, commercial and business transactional work, cross border disputes and transactions, and financial services. He is needed!

BP welcomes his soon to be announced elevation to the bench! This is truly a good appointment!

Carl Bethel should be fired! And as we reported weeks ago you are UNFIT for the office of AG! Moreover, Bethel is indeed unfit to serve as Chief Justice in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas! Take DAT!

We report yinner decide!