RBDF Chiefs all Abandoned their posts as the country suffers with an invasion!


RBDF Chief set to party while in the middle of a Covid19 pandemic and a HAITIAN INVASION!

NASSAU| A poor example is being set by the country’s uniform branches as the Bahamas is battling two pandemics.

As we reported earlier, RBDF Commodore Raymond King and his top captains are set to celebrate at a Superspreader event this weekend. A shamefully poor example in this time of a great national humanitatian crisis.

And if you think we are joking, ask yourself where Commodore King is today? Somewhere on Grand Bahama with them lil fine marines prowling the streets while the South-Central Bahamas is still experiencing the effects of an invasion.

Big serious humanitarian crisis is right now unfolding in Inagua and the “lil boy”, who no serious marine respects and who was assigned to be in charge in that part of the country, is still sitting in New Providence, continuing to refuse to take up his post in the Southern Bahamas for approximately a year and a half. Will someone ask Captain Edward Glenn McPhee when he is going to take up his appointed command in the Southern Bahamas – which is now being invaded?

But here again is a complete, utter disgrace brought on by the decisions of Commodore King, Captain McPhee, and Lt. Commander BJ Brown. This wutless spineless bunch should be stationed in Inagua in this time of national crisis. The political leadership is in and out of the Southern Bahamas, first DPM Cooper and then Ministers Bell and Munroe. But where is the Military Leadership that is supposed to be commanding the troops on the ground?! WHERE ARE THEY?!

McPhee has a history of deserting the country before so we are not surprised by his behaviour. Trust us – we have seen and scanned his file. Nothing impressive there to look at. And this is the man the FNM Government promoted four times in one morning! What in da hell is dis?

Bahamas Press is calling for a military shakeup of the top team at the RBDF! Everyone should know by now desertion during a military operation is an offense and should not be tolerated!

Get the damn South Bahamas under control!

We report yinner decide!