Rolex store at PI Marina Village held up and cleaned out by bandits….


NASSAU| Guests and locals on Paradise Island were left running for their lives as armed masked bandits robbed the Rolex shop in the Marina Village.

The robbers made good their escape with the jewels, removing expensive watches and items out of the display and into bags last night.

Tourists could not believe this was happening in Paradise and many were left to run for their lives.

Now, BP is shocked about this latest incident, because both Minister Marvin Dames and police constantly suggest that crime is down and that there is no cause for alarm. And yet the general public is not being advised or updated on the happenings around the country! 

Police have a singular duty to advise the general public of any public danger and threats! They also have the sole responsibility to warn the public and to protect the citizenry from such incidents to keep the peace of the whole society! So why we – Joe Public – are not being advised of these incidents of public threat is beyond us! Well, what in da hell is dis?

Sometime back, on Grand Bahama, bandits robbed the John Bull shop, running off in heels and wig. Immediately BP warned the public with photos of the suspects making good their escape and widely alerted residents to be on the lookout. Those bandits were quickly caught attempting to sail the stolen items into Nassau. 

So why was BP not even informed of this incident on Paradise Island last evening? Yall see what’s happening around here?! People are being terrorized and no one is being warned or advised on what is happening around them! Not even the tourists safe!

Crime isn’t down….crime reporting is, though….

We report yinner decide!