Safe stolen out of the post office and police complex in Andros


Andros, Bahamas — It is another shocking breaking crime story you will only read on BP.

BP agents are on the ground in South Andros at this hour and they tell us government officials are left puzzled as to how an entire safe was stolen out of the government’s complex over the weekend. We are also advised no officer stationed at the time of the thief reported the incident to Nassau.

The burglary has prompted a major investigation and has forced several officers into questioning.

The local postal office houses the government’s safe where thousands government funds along with postal drafts are held. What is also shocking is the fact that the Complex not only houses the postal department but also the offices of the Royal Bahamas Police Force in the community.

How did an enter safe was removed without one officer catching the crooks in the big question now being put by investigators from Nassau.

Unaware of the amount stolen in the weekend heist a source close to the hushed investigation tell us, “Boy BP this one was clean cut. So clean not even the police in the building knew what was going on, and that is if they are not also involved.”

We are told several officers on the island are being questioned in the matter. Perhaps this is the reason once again Police have avoided to mention the incident in its crime update to the public.


  1. Most likely one or more of those officers who work at that station are involved. I can’t see nobody from the outside being that bold to go in there and take out that safe and they know the place is surrounded with police. If that is the case, they obviously don’t have any respect for our Law enforcement officers.

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