Scam artist Chad KK Marshall rip-off Government and duped Tribune – WELL CALL DA POLICE!


Letre Sweeting duped by a CON ARTIST – TELLING LIES TO THE PUBLIC!


ABACO| Bahamas Press would you believe the Tribune ran a front-page story today where they interviewed an Abaco resident who lived in Nassau during Dorian.

K. K. Marshall moved to Abaco and into those domes after Dorian and is therefore ineligible for the $4,000 housing assistance available to legitimate Dorian victims.

He is scamming the government and the Tribune did a piss poor job with this story with no investigative journalism involved…no background check and no fact-checking.

He is quoted as saying, “IT’S LIKE DORIAN ALL OVER AGAIN”. What freaking Dorian?

Chad KK Marshall was in Nassau in September 2019 when Dorian made landfall in Abaco.

He won big though. He will get his $4,000 in housing assistance that he does not deserve while badmouthing the government all the way to the bank.

Shame on Chad K.K. Marshall and shame on Tribune reporter Letre Sweeting who was unwittingly duped by this con artist.