Sleeper Marijuana cells hid the missing boys in Andros


androsfemale_lg<<< The creatures of the wildlife in the dense Andros bushes guard their territory as two small boys joined them. The boys said they heard the dogs and the people calling them but they never came out, hmmmmm.

Andros, Bahamas — A report published in the Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy [CFDP] 2008, gave us the story that link us to another story now playing out in the Bahamian news. Two brothers, Deangelo Clarke, 9 and Marcel Clarke, 5, were miraculously found whilst walking on a dusty pothole road that leads to Kemps Bay.

Suffering from signs of severe malnutrition, July 14th (today) would’ve made five weeks since the boys first disappeared. Family members say the boys went missing on an evening during a crab catching adventure. The story sounds innocent, but who believes that story? Certainly not Bahamas Press, and definitely not the police and here’s why.

In 2007 like many years before the RBPF vowed a major clampdown on the illicit drug trade, And the Island of Andros was no exception. In that CFDP report, police confirmed “the cultivation of marijuana on various Family Islands continues to be a significant recurring trend in The Bahamas.” And added by reporting since 2006, some five marijuana fields were discovered in Andros.

Now, what does this have to do with the missing boys? Well, here’s what our deep throat on the RBPF tell us, “Drugs are being planted all across Andros these days and the problem is now reaching dangerous levels. It has reached a level where persons cultivating marijuana on Andros would hold at ransom family members of individuals until a payment is secured on plants harvested.”

Bahamas Press cannot conclude that this is indeed the case with the boys, but certainly, it cannot be ruled out, and here’s why.

Our deep throat tells us back in 2006, two senior officers of the RBPF went on a hunting retreat nearby the Smith’s Hill community, the same place where the boys went missing. The ASP and ACP were hunting wild boars when suddenly they became the hunted by a group of Jamaican men, who were hiding deep in the bushes.

The officers were ducking for cover as they were fired upon. Heavy artillery was being fired in their direction. It was as if they were in a war-zone, therefore, the officers radioed for backup. Throughout most of the day the gun battle continued in the tiny community until the Strike Force arrived with backup from a helicopter patrol the following day. By daybreak, we were told, the gun battle had died and the police moved in to assess the situation.

Now in this CFDP report, police informed the press by confirming this much had happened, “Upon checking the area police discovered a makeshift structure with personal items, food and cooking utensils.

“Police said officers inspected a clearing next to the tent and discovered over 2,000 marijuana plants.”

Here is what our deep throat added to that report, “When officers moved in, they saw a wooden cabin and behind it was a drug field. Persons would remember the press reported that a huge marijuana field was discovered and two Jamaican nationals were arrested.

“The media could cloud the story [of the missing boys] all they want and say those boys just reappeared, but we know better. Someone owed someone money, and they took the boys as ransom. There is no way they could have survived in the wild that long. If the wild boars didn’t attack them, the snakes in Andros, as big as you and me, would have attacked them. And if they survived that, the sand fly nests would have taken them out by now,” our deep throat concluded.

Whatever the case, we now know Chickcharneys are not in Andros, but mini-military drug producing sleeper cells, which lay buried deep inside the bushes of that island.


  1. This is still mystery and the last I heard those boys were still in the hospital. I wonder if they would ever tell us the truth behind this story.

  2. ZNS is make me sick!!!! They are always covering these half *** stories and they don’t event come back to say what the end results are. I want know if the police still investigating this story with the two boys that were missing, because I feel they were taken advantage off and I would really like to see justice for them. Then they find Anna Michelle Garrison dead body on the side of the road, the last I heard her daughter was a person of interest and the police and the FBI was looking for her, they aint come back to say nothing, we don’t know if they find her yet and what she had to say about what might have caused her mother’s death. Then look at Birbal, look how long the US authority say they had him, we don’t even know if the government even signed the papers yet for him to be returned. Something is wrong with this country, everything is always in limbo and you can’t get any answers to nothing. I don’t even know why they is even bothered to mention anything to us. The wutless media don’t even following up these half*** stories that they reported.

  3. After listening to the news tonight I feel certain that something repulsive happened to those brothers while they were away from their home for 30 days and 30 nights. The father said someone fed the boys and bathe them, I find this to be very strange, because if this person had any good intention they would have taken those children home or to the police. What was their purpose to keep the children in the bushes other than to molest them? Yes, I said it and I strongly believe that was the case. The police need to act quickly and do a complete investigation before this person or persons are able to leave the country. I don’t want this to be another situation like the Birbal one. We must do everything to keep this person or persons here, if they leave the country I am afraid that we will not be able to get them back. ZNS need to stay on top of this and provide us with regular updates. I don’t want to see this swept under the rug to be forgotten about.

  4. I keep asking myself, why those white men who said they saw the boys and give them something to eat did not help them? Why they let them leave in the condition they were in? My mind keep telling there had to be more to this story. Lord, I am praying for the truth to be revealed.

  5. Johnny Tucker :The drug fields in Andros is no new news; as a matter of fact Andros is nick named L A (LOS ANGELES) due to it’s high unsolved secretly drug homicide incidents. I think however, emphasis too should be placed on the collapse of proper health care that was due to these boys. Why after being missing for a month they were not placed on stretchers and treated with dignity. Didn’t anyone see that little boy falling down in his weaken state. My God!!!! Where is our compassion as a poeple?
    Levying assumptions of drug fields and ransom money will find its voice;please let’s fight for the human dignity that all bahamians deserve.

    Those people from ZNS and the Parameds handle this situation so unprofessional. At least I had expected something like this from ZNS, but the people in the ambulance caught me off guard. Those two little boys should have been my children I was going to sue them for being so stupid and trying to humiliate my children like that. Their actions were in poor taste, showing the children on TV drinking soda and falling down. They must be forget those little boys have to go back to school, I just hope those children in their class don’t tease them. Their mother should have never sat there and allowed them to be interviewed in the state they were in. If I was her, I was going to tell them straight and plain, I have to carry my boys home and give them a bath and make sure they have something hot in their stomach and for all I know they might need medical care as well and the family have not seen them for a month and I am sure they would want to catch up with them, Once they have regained their energy and are in the right frame of mind. I will contact you to do an interview. That is all she had to say. See sometimes these reporters is be into jokes at other people expense that is why you can let them come throwing their mic up in your face and turning their cameras on you, especially if you are not ready to do an interview. If they humiliate you, it makes no different to them, all they just want is a story.

  6. The drug fields in Andros is no new news; as a matter of fact Andros is nick named L A (LOS ANGELES) due to it’s high unsolved secretly drug homicide incidents. I think however, emphasis too should be placed on the collapse of proper health care that was due to these boys. Why after being missing for a month they were not placed on stretchers and treated with dignity. Didn’t anyone see that little boy falling down in his weaken state. My God!!!! Where is our compassion as a poeple?

    Levying assumptions of drug fields and ransom money will find its voice;
    please let’s fight for the human dignity that all bahamians deserve.

  7. Well I am happy that the boys are safe. I only wish that Hubert and Perry would get lost and no one will going looking for them

  8. Eveything I said in my post can be checked. Please do so. I did not say that there aren’t any drug field in smiths hill-i dont know that- i dont go into the bushes- but i do know that that particular case with the jamicans in the tent was somewhere in north or central andros. And i can assure you that the the entire road in south andros from driggs hill to mars bay was paved some 7 years ago or so. Smiths Hill is a very small sleepy settlement.

    • So if you cannot confirm whether or not drug fields are in Smith’s Hill and you don’t go in the bushes, how can you suggest what we say, and our source says is not the case? HOW? Also, since when on an island is a road not dusty? We have DUSTY POTHOLE ROADS RIGHT HERE ON BAY STREET, Nassau? How you can deny our comment on the South Andros ROAD?


      Bahamas Press/Editor

  9. @Celeste
    Now this is incredible. Everything we post, according to some, is not true. We talk about Christie and someone would come on and say it ain’t true. We talk about Hubert and one of his goons would come on here and say it it ain’t true. We talk about Garrison’s murder and someone would say that ain’t true. We talk about the EMRH School and that has its resistance.

    But note, not one who reject what we say on here is willing to say exactly what they know. As we said before, SOME PEOPLE FIND IT DIFFICULT TO ACCEPT THE TRUTH!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  10. I was born & grew up in Smiths Hill, and go back at least 6-7 times per year. I can assure you that no such incident happened in smiths hill. That incident (the drug field discovery with the jamaicans) happened in either Central or North Andros. Furthermore, there are no wild boars in the smiths hill area. They are in the central & north area. Your ‘deep throat’ source is wrong on both counts…and by the way, the road does not have potholes, nor is it dusty. I was in Smiths hill this weekend when the boys were found and I saw them for myself. They looked like they were in the bushes for a month. I am not swearing about what happened with them. One never knows. All I know is that the info in your piece is dead wrong with respect to Smith’s Hill. ..oh..and The inguanas that are in the bushes are very small and seldom seen. Please leave the investigating to the police and leave the boys and their family alone. Let them rejoice in the homecoming of their children in peace please.

  11. @4eva242

    Don’t get me wrong now; I am very happy to know those boys are back at home with their families. I would never go as far as to say that these boys story was impossible, it is just that I don’t believe they where there the whole time. That is just my feelings and I think as soon as they regains their energy the authorities need to try and get to the bottom of this. There are just too many things that are not adding up. Another thing, I am not sure how many people knew those boys had been found until we saw them on TV drinking their Ritz sodas, I am sure if the news had been made public a lot of people probably would have shown up with hot meals and clothes for the boys, because I believe that’s the kind of people we are. You don’t know how upset I was when I saw them drinking those sodas on TV. I just thought they would have given them something more healthier, especially after the ordeal they said they had.

  12. Before we anxiously jump to plausible conclusions, let the boys gain their strength/energy back and then let the truth be told, I am saying this because, I have 2 cousins from S Andros (kids) that lost their way crabbing, (close to the same age) whom survived by using their natural instincts, therefore, were able to survive for a long period of time.

  13. @4eva242

    no offense, but if you want to stick your head in the sand while little kids possibly get abducted, then go right ahead.

    the rest of us will get involved and stay interested.

  14. The things that goes on in this country that should draw suspicions doesn’t, we should stop contemplating on the “how comes, whats, whys & wheres” and be happy the boys are back home ALIVE…. welcome back Deangelo & Marcel… had I been in Nassau I’d bring y’all some food to eat!

  15. thanks for this bp. you at least injected something plausible into the whole scenario. i seriously doubted that these two kids miraculously survived out there that whole time.

    BTW- that Iguana is extremely creepy.

  16. I know some people are a sucker for miracles, but I just don’t believe those boys were wondering around in the wilderness all those days by themselves and nothing happen to them, not even a snake bite after hanging around all those berry trees. How would those little children know how to survive out there in the wild on their own and which berries were safe for them to eat? Who taught them these survival tips? How did they survive without drinking water all of those days? I understood the same clothes and bag they were last seen with, they still had them in their possession when they returned, from what I know about most little children they have a tendency to lose things. Another thing two men said they saw them earlier that day, before the nurse discovered them and the boys asked them for something to eat and they ate it down very quickly and left. How come the two men did not question them about their parent and where they came from? How come they did not know these were the missing boys that everybody was looking for and when things happen on those islands everybody knows? Why didn’t the boy say anything? You would think they would have been very emotional or crying after not see other humans for so many days. The boys them suppose to be malnourished how come they were on TV drinking a can of Ritz soda instead of apple juice or something that would help built their energy level back up? To me there are just so many things that are not adding up and I hope the police would question these boys separately to find out what really when down.

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