Sports Tourism returns back to The Bahamas under the Davis Government!


PAT Riley arrives for Miami Heats Training Camp…

Basketball owner Pat Riley arrives in the Bahamas.

NASSAU| Media will not tell you this but BP will.

Team Miami Heat touched down at LPIA today as co-owner and former NBA Lakers coach Pat Riley brought his team for practice in the Bahamas!

The Miami Heats will hold a training camp here in the Bahamas and we understand more teams are on the way.

Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis K.C. MP has assured the world that the Bahamas has reopened for business and under his Government Sports Tourism has returned!

Mr Riley was greated by dignitaries including Sports Minister Mario Bowleg, Education Minister Zane Lightbourne, FTX Digital Markets VP for Communications Valdez Russell and Director Corporate Social Responsibility Zoe Gibson-Bowleg.

It’s a New Day Bahamas!