Student nurses left in limbo by the Minnis Regime!


Dear Bahamas Press,

I hope this message finds you well. 

I am a graduate nurse currently working in one of the hospitals in the country. I am still waiting to be officially hired after working nearly a year and a half on half salary. 

While I am grateful that I have a job, I sat and passed the licensing exam last November and graduated last year May 2020.  That means I have the qualifications for my full salary yet the government continues to drag their feet with confirming us. And they do so knowing they have lost scores of nurses to the developed world. 

The Ministry of Health had our vetting documents for nearly two years but still the process drags on. Having our documents for that long, they should have an idea of how many new nurses to budget for, so there should be no excuses when it comes to finding funding. 

The country continues to cry for nurses – IN A PANDEMIC – yet they don’t want to make this hiring process a swifter one.

This process is so unfair and unethical to have someone working and waiting this long to be hired, especially when they have the credentials.

It is no wonder so many nurses are leaving the system.

Please help make loud our cause because one must really wonder if there is any seriousness to the message of saving lives.

Thanks you for your space on this network. Continue to do well in your passion to make our small voices heard.


Waiting patiently