Thatcher defended Briton, but where are our voices?


Nassau, Bahamas: Why is it the SPINELESS MEN we put in power in The Bahamas find it difficult to speak on behalf of the People whom elected them, particularly when it comes to international trade agreements like EPA and CSME? A great debate is now in Great Briton as to whether former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher should be given a state funeral. Bahamas Press believes that should not be a debate.

Here today we present Thatcher in this Nov. 1990 debate on the floor of the HOUSE OF COMMONS defending Briton’s sovereignty telling elected officials, that the people of Great Briton have brought them to Parliament and not someone in the European Union. She refused to join the European Union (EU) single market currency proposal, which she believed would remove power from the British Parliament given by the British people. She defended the authority of Parliament and said to the proposal by the EU, ‘NO, NO, NO!’.

Bahamians should ask themselves, why Hubert Ingraham and Perry Christie have failed to speak strongly in defence of the country on such international matters like this ‘IRON LADY’ when it comes to EPA or CSME? Or even address the issue, leaving such important issues to ministers. Is this the kind of head of state we in The Bahamas are looking for? They are SPINELESS MEN!

Also if Bahamas Press technical team can find this file, import it and load it onto our server for the world to see. WHY IN THE HELL THE WUTLESS leadership at Bahamas Information Service cannot see, that the time has come to share recordings of debates and announcements in a similar broadcast for students and nationals around the world ONLINE? AGAIN we say, INGRAHAM AND CHRISTIE would rather hire UNSKILLED POLITICAL PROSTITUTES, before they hire, skilled persons that can move the country forward. ENJOY!