The axe at RBC is laid on the tree – More than 70 workers may be fired from bank in the largest layoff in years….


Will the Christie Government sit back and allow RBC to fire as the bank fail to believe in Bahamians?

Bank Boss now has touble on his hands. Nathaniel Beneby must now cushioned major TCI crisis and at the same time is watching loyal Bahamian workers get sacked by the Trinidadians...

Nassau, Bahamas — The axe has fallen and the blood has been spilled. Loyal long-serving Bahamian employees with years of faithful and dedicated commitment to RBC have been thrown under the bus, pushed aside, drop kicked and left for dead today. And not one word from members of the print media to focus on the developments.

Local bank executives with no backbone or testicular fortitude are just standing on the side while Bahamian jobs have been sent to Barbados week after week.

And while this ungodly crime is unfolding before the eyes of Bahamians, RBC has had the unchristian gall to bring in a Caribbean native for the local staff to train – the same staff who are actually losing their jobs!

Sources deep on the fourth floor tell us the Caribbean executives flew all the way to Nassau to carry out the firing exercise, and someone in the Government granted those executives work permits! What an insult to Bahamians!

Where is the justice? Where is the fairness? Where is the BELIEVING IN BAHAMIANS after 40 years of Independence?

Why could the local bank not do as they did in Canada and not outsource the jobs but accommodate employees in vacant positions?

Something stinks to the high heavens at RBC. No one has lost jobs in Trinidad or Barbados, so why is the Bahamas – where all the RBC profits are made – a scapegoat?

Sources deep inside the bank tell us employees in the branches and background staff are next. The process has already started. It seems that the Bahamas Operation is only good enough to make profits on the backs of its employees, however, when it comes to rewarding loyalty, employees get the shaft.

RBC employees must wake up and demand justice! If the bank won’t get it for you, try the union.


We report yinner decide!