The BIG GREEDY Hotel stoops to new low, demanding vendors’ IN PERSON presence at a meeting in opposition to the new development on Paradise Island…PART THREE

Live photo at ATLANTIS…

NASSAU| So Atlantis has stooped to a new low to wage its war with the decision of the Davis Government to expand and grow the tourism product on Paradise Island. 

If you have been following this argument like us at BP, here you see a greedy big hotel that will stop at nothing to remain the sole profiteer in the Bahamian tourism market.

So BP spies on PI have shared with us a letter written by Atlantis, threatening its vendors so they will fight against the new RCI development which it sees as a direct competition.

Atlantis writes: “…The Additional public consultation meeting for the Royal Caribean project will take place on Thursday at 6:30 pm at Queen’s College school – 36 Village Road, Nassau.  It would be great if you are able to participate….I think in-person participation would be more impactful.”

Watch this now: like predators, Atlantis has gone to the extent to encourage its vendors (we hope not staff, too) to show up at a meeting to protest (not educate) the community about the new RCI development on Paradise Island. 

What is Atlantis saying to the country? It is saying it wants to be greedy! It is saying it wants NO growth in the tourism market in the Bahamas! It is saying it wants NO competition to its aging brand which is in much need of upgrade.

Atlantis is saying it does not want unemployment to improve by rejecting RCI and disallowing all the new Bahamian craftsmen and women who will become vendors and owners across the services of the new RCI property. 

In short – Atlantis is telling us that it does not want the Bahamas Tourism Brand to grow, unemployment to decrease and new businesses by Bahamians to come onstream. That is what we see Atlantis’ letter to vendors and stakeholders suggesting here!

And why should the Bahamian people or the Bahamas government even listen to Atlantis who didn’t want Bahamar? Remember that?

If RCI is delivering more guests to the Bahamas 2.5 million increase – WHY WOULD ATLANTIS WITH ITS GREED BE OPPOSING THIS?!

And in doing so with threats to its vendors to join a fight against the Bahamas Government!? WHAT IS THIS?