The FNM is rotten from head – Ingraham Also Rode the Aga Khan Helicopter and breach his own CODE OF ETHICS!


Hubert Ingraham

Nassau, Bahamas — The Prime Minister should fire himself. Today, he publicly admitted that he went as a guest of the Aga Khan at Bell Island twice. Once to visit with the King of Spain and again for his children to play with the grand children of the Aga Khan. Ingraham is now an Aristocrat.

He too flew on the luxury helicopter as did Earl Deveaux and we wonder if they discussed the dredging of the Bell Island development over lunch.

He has no shame! He has neglected the average everyday Bahamian, including the straw vendors arrested in New York, for the rich foreigners and the money class.

Ingraham must resign and resign now for failing to protect our environment and breaching his own code of ethics.



  1. Didn’t we tell yall this week not only EARL rode the helicopter? Boy Ingraham just mess up our Sunday story man…SMT!


  2. I have just watched the press conference given by a Prime Minister that is obviously delusional and out of touch with reality , he told a mounting of half truth’s and damn lies , he said that the PLP had a fire sale on the Cable Beach Hotel , when it was this same Prime Minister who undersold Sandals to his good buddy from Jamaica and also Breeze rs as well ….He intends to borrow the Bahamian people into the poor house , he is committing this nation to a debt ceiling that we can’t handle.

    What I would like one of the reporters to ask him is this question , the Government intends to borrow more from the Chinese which will be in us dollars , just what further effect will the massive debt and now more borrowing will have on our foreign reserves and our sovereign credit rating .

    The FNM has got to be living in a bubble , and Im now convince that they are playing games with this country !

  3. yea BP, non of those wutless television News **** came close to UNhonourable PM taking free ride in luxury helicopter, they are too scare of getting FIRED. Those wutless TV news **** and UNhonourable PM have NO SHAME AND NO PRIDE can’t wait until 2012. Don’t Blame me I voted PLP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ingraham is now an Aristocrat! The kind what call “women” “VIMEN” and Casino “CUSSINA”.


    • CODE OF ETHICS! What CODE OF ETHICS? The honourable PM spoke of a code of ethics that would be written for ALL FNM MP’s to follow back in 2007 and to date there is NONE! WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN this BP.

  5. His kids playing with the rich folks kids! Why can’t they go and play with the lonely children at the Ranfurly Home? Don’t flatter yourself that they like you froggy. When you’re not PM anymore (can’t wait for that day) they’ll say Ingraham who? What an uncaring SOB.

  6. Both the FNM and PLP should hang all their heads in shame that they did not step forward to assist one-year-old Kadin Finley? Maybe her mom needs to fist get arrested for selling something illegal? This would be a good time to make better use of that luxury 12-seater helicopter? Little Kdain would get a big thrill out of a free ride to the hospital? That is if one of the Ministers’s of the Crown, family and friends, don’t have it all booked up?

  7. BP how you could complain bout Papa neglecting average everyday Bahamians, when we have a whole family homeless off Charles Saunders Highway and you don’t even report it???? You have let down your loyal readers who depend on you for “Breaking” stories….Why? Why?

    • OH Pennie you is a loyal reader? I didn’t know you was, Welcome! Boy BP gat some people who does log in nah! Even the jackass of the year logs on to BP.. BOY I TELL YA!


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