The Late Dr. Philip ‘Slimey’ Thompson denied a decent burial with only 30 persons allowed with a graveside burial?


Competent Authority is now ABUSING POWER and must have a personal vendetta against the DECENT Thompson Clan…

Dr. Philip ‘Slimey’ Thompson

NASSAU| The family of Dr. Philip ‘Slimey’ Thompson got the shock of their lives this past week when they got directives from deep inside Addington House and from the Competent Authority that the service for the brother of Bishop Gilbert Thompson will only be held at graveside with a maximum number of 30 persons.

In the initial stages of the planning of the service, the family, along with Archdeacon Keith Cartwright, had agreed that the service for the good doctor was to be held on October 1st, 2020 at St. Agnes Anglican Church on Baillou Hill Road.

From all arrangements, this was satisfactory for planners as Slimey’s vast contact list of medical professionals, business associates, clerical and religious contacts, and friends from the Junkanoo community would be represented.

However, the decision was abruptly changed by The Competent Authority and backed by Addington House regarding the 120 church attendance. We understand the new instruction handed down to the family is that only 30 persons can be in attendance and a graveside service only is to be held. Well! What is this?

The decision should shake the very foundations of the Anglican Community and, if some are not careful, could result in a countdown for the hostile removal of the most senior cleric of the church!

PM Hubert Minnis is already on a countdown to being removed from power via a general election, but this latest decision against the Medical Community, The Business Community, The Junkanoo Community and DA CHURCH could seal the end of the Minnis Administration for good! 

Bahamas Press warns all those abusing power in this fashion to be careful as the distressing decisions against people here in the Bahamas could follow those making them for generations to come!

IN SHORT: Dr. Philip ‘Slimey’ Thompson deserve a decent burial (A TRADITIONAL ONE) and we reject and wholeheartedly disapprove of any attempt to change the culture of the Bahamas through these diabolical foreign instructed EMERGENCY ORDERS!

Yinner have been warned!

We report yinner decide!