The sewerage man has been rejected from Christ The King post for People Warden….

Bennett Minnis

NASSAU| Well, we have good news coming out of Christ The King Anglican Church this morning as the people in that parish have rejected Bennett Minnis a post in the governing board of the parish.

The people responded at their Annual General Meeting on Sunday and axed Bennett Minnis who was resoundingly defeated.

He was defeated in an election for People Warden at Christ the King parish by Mr. Luther Smith. I wonder what Hubert Minnis will say now.

Bennett, who was on the vestry is also a board member at the Water and Sewerage Corporation made a living digging up in raw sewerage all his life. Anyway, he was rejected by the church and soon will be by the people of the Bahamas!

We report yinner decide!

The walls are falling all around!