THIEVES AND ROGUES leading NIB – Near completed building costs $8 million to construct?


cargillNassau, Bahamas — National Insurance Board is once again signing away the people’s money. Another contract signing with Telco Enterprises was done on Wednesday.

Floyd Wilmott, signed an $8.6 million dollar contract to complete a facility at Sandilands, and from here the story gets fascinating.

Under the Christie administration NIB signed a contract with Penn Construction to build this same complex. The contract cost to taxpayers was some $7 million to construct.

The government has decided to reissue the contract to another Ingraham apologist at $8.6 million. Nurses say the facility is needed. The current section at Sandilands houses 24 rooms for patients. We understood from the press conference when it is completed, 6 new patient rooms will compliment the current available beds. Now something isn’t right here:

  • Initially the government paid $7 million to construct 6 additional patient rooms with a few meeting rooms.
  • The Government allowed wild bush to take over the abandoned building.
  • The building started by Penn is more than 45% completed with its roof done.

Can someone please tell us, how did a building from foundation cost $7 million. And now to complete it the cost to taxpayers is a SCANDALOUS $8 million? Hmmmmmmm!NIB roof

Bahamas Press projects the THIEVES AND ROGUES leading NIB will leave the fund in financial danger and on life support when they’ve completed squandering all the public money! NO WAY COULD IT COST $8.6 MILLION TO COMPLETE A BUILDING HALFWAY DONE, WHEN IT COST INITIALLY $7 MILLION FROM SCRATCH!

Bahamas Press also cries SHAME on the Ingraham government for allowing its audacious contractor to appear at the contract signing dressed from head to toe in his ‘COLOUR RED GARMENT’. WHAT A NASTY SHAME! THESE POLITICAL CRONIES HAVE NO SHAME!

WilmottBahamas Press projects the country is witnessing a boldfaced hemorrhage of public money. Where at the contract signing we saw a table filled with cookie jar snatchers.


Members of the WUTLESS MEDIA went into that press conference and questioned not a DAMN WORD as to why the contract was reissued. None dared to ask Cargill why he wasn’t taking his team to Abaco Club at Winding Bay. Nor did anyone ask him if he was still squandering public money to quench his expensive thirst for Fiji water. No one asked Floyd or the Minister why has the cost raised so high, despite the fact the building is already 45% completed.

No one asked the question, if there was shoddy work done by the former contractor, causing the termination of his contract, what were those errors made? And no one dared to ask the Chairman of NIB if he was satisfied with the performance of Cargill and his management team amid all the dark clouds of SCANDALS and SQUANDER hovering over the NIB complex.



  1. If the Awardee is soo connected to the principles, then the pressure to complete this job and have it done at the very best standard because almost absolutely imperative. We sometimes loose sight of the fact that we are an island nation and young in its development. Relatives need not be excluded from the oppurtunity but as long as due diligence was followed it then becomes incumbent on the awardee to DO THE JOB  with no exceptions. I will have issues when the awardee screws up but until then everyone deserves a chance to earn a living and provide others the benefits of it.

  2. BP, I agree that there are many questions that reporters should have asked during the signing that relates to the awarding of this contract.I am no journalist but the following comes to mind:-1. What was the original cost to complete the building. 2. As the awardee is a known supporter of the governing party and has very close relations with a senior employee of NIB if all the bids submitted should become public knowledge. 3. What experience or other buildings has the awardee  built.4. How much ‘pork’ if any will be given to the govt. for upcoming elections?For the record let me confess that I know Mr. Wilmott and I think that he is capable of completing the building but I believe certain questions should of been asked of both the govt. and the awardee at the signing.

  3. Cronyism!, Cronyism!, Cronyism!, with the people’s money,  we need real journalist in this country, but they must lay down for their supper I guest?, we’re screwed.

  4. Not surprising, Floyd Wilmott is a campaign general for Dr Minnis and first cousin of Algernon Cargill.

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