Third deaths in western New Providence and police are not forthcoming with details…


51-year-old Kimberly Ann Lunn-Wallace found with a plastic bag over her head – She becomes the 4th homicide victim in four days – Homicide count climbs to #32

Kim Lunn is now homicide #32.

How to get away with murder? Call it Suicide!

Nassau – Bahamas Press is now following the investigations following the discovery of a third body in a room at a home in western New Providence in days.

BP is learning a friend known to her found 51-year-old Kimberly Ann Lunn-Wallace dead in her apartment this morning. Detectives say that friend is now assisting them with their investigations.

Shortly after 11:00pm Wednesday, 11th, April 2018, police were called to The Venetian West residence where she was found with a plastic bag over her head.

Paramedics were called to the scene; however, they were unsuccessful in reviving her. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

BP can confirm police are now questioning Lunn’s close friend following her discovery.

Police are set to conclude that we have a homicide the 32nd for the year and forth in four days. Police have now found three persons dead in rooms in the west. The first was guest to the country Timothy Vernon in the afternoon they found the deceased lying naked in his bed. The second was banker Raquel Ruby Farquarson and now last night Kim Lunn. All were found in their room dead!

We report yinner decide!


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