Timothy Cole turned himself in after BP published his photo 10 hours ago….will police now release him again?


Police’s Most WANTED MAN is Timothy Cole!

Nassau – Less than 10 hours after BP posted widely on all our platforms online Most Wanted suspect Timothy Cole of Fort Fin Castle he turned himself in to CDU. He had no where to hide.

We thank members of the public who widely follow BP’s powerful 82,000 daily broadcast readership for their assistance.

Cole you should remember was the man caught just a few weeks ago on MP Rickey Mackey’s property in North Eleuthera.He was found in the company of Mackey’s daughter!

Whatever police wanted him for then was not treated seriously. Had they put him away possibly ADC INSPECTOR CARLIS BLATCH would have been alive to protect Queen Elizabeth’s representative. But yall playing! And are not serious in dealing with these criminals who are now shooting down law officers.

We report yinner decide!