Tribune practices cruel art of deception continues



The faces of those who practice deception in the Bahamas.

The Wutless “Toilet Paper” Tribune recently announced the departure of their managing editor John Marquis from the century old gutter newspaper. Marquis is leaving the Bahamas to collect his needed British pension. And in order for him to receive it, he must return home. THANK GOODNESS!

But we at Bahamas Press took notice recently of an ad in the “Toilet Paper’s” classified section where they are looking for a replacement. Now here is where their CRUEL art in deception takes focus. Fresh from the UK the Tribune has already interviewed Marquis’ replacement.

The new British editor is set to begin, if he is satisfied with the terms set by the “old maid” of Shirley Street, early in the New Year. But what amazes us is that with all this talent in the Bahamas. ALL THIS WHITE AND BLACK TALENT HERE, the cockeyed deceptive bunch at the Tribune cannot find a Bahamian to fill its Managing Editor post.

This must be the deepest slap of insult anyone working for the ‘TOILET PAPER’ can take. You mean to tell us, with all this writing talent in the Bahamas, NOT EVEN OSWALD “WHY YOU SCARED A MURDER” BROWN is qualified? Not one Bahamian or Haitian Bahamian can fit the job?

And to put it plainly, they expect us to read something that is crafted with foreign editorials and accept the paper to be as a credible paper of good repute in this country? No wonder the Tribune has turned into the washed up “Toilet Paper” it has become.

Last week we were at a Texaco gas station, where they were giving away morning newspapers late in the evening. Apparently a pump attendant had just slipped an edition of the Tribune into the car seat of a young professionally dressed woman. All we heard coming from the car when she entered it was, “Who put this F###@ piece a S^%@ in my car, yall A@$ crazy ech,” as she tossed the newspaper out of her car onto the oily pavement.

We were shocked to see such a well-groomed woman turn so ballistic in seconds, as if someone had wiped their buttocks on the paper and left faeces in her car seat. BOY she was upset. But we cannot blame her, the “toilet paper” got just what it deserved that evening and as frightened as that attendant was, it was clear to him that the rest of the newspaper should go straight into garbage bin.


  1. Joke of the day! If the toilet paper had this type of effect on that lady, that pump attendant lucky she did not knock him down for putting that garbage in her car…..LOL…..This is definitely an insult! If it was me I was going to be very upset too, but I don’t think I was going as far as cursing and throw it out off the car. I would have walked over to the nearest garbage and politely dropped it in the there. I thought my head was bad; this woman makes me look like a joke!! I guess she went and have her car disinfected after that….lol.…..

  2. Personally I always look forward to Marquis’ Monday column and to the responses. Who else will take a sensitive topic and tell it like it is without any fear of reprisal? He always has the facts and is not afraid to expose people for what they are. Media that seems to be righy down your alley! His evaluation of the PLP cabinet Ministers was “top-notch.” I hope he will do an assessment of the FNM Ministers in the same manner before he leaves. he is a wonderful contemporary writer

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