Turkey prices double before VAT – The merchants cannot explain why they increased their prices – but we the consumers will have the final say…


PSA 19 from King Of Hearts Media on Vimeo.

A letter to the Editor….

Dear Editor,

Went to the food store today to buy a turkey and what I noticed was ridiculous. The price of a turkey at a local high priced food on the east side of the Paradise Island Bridge cost almost $70 for a midsize one.

The same turkey cost around $38 just this year Easter. What amazes me is that the same people who claim VAT will kill us are the same persons who have drastically increased their prices before a tax can be applied. How can a turkey cost almost 100% more before anything is implemented?

What I believe Bahamians will do, however, is begin shopping around. This is what I did this Thanksgiving and no matter what new tax comes, I will show the merchants – who were never on our side on anything – that I control where and how I spend my money.

Thank you very much.


Ella Bain