Two doctors in charge of the country and the hospital is in shambles…

PM Minnis and Minister Duane Sands running PMH into the ground.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is getting a serious report out of the Princess Margaret Hospital where conditions are worsening by the minute.

There are No Beds at PMH and all operations on hold. Emergency Room had 106 persons seeking care and hospital is short over 200 nurses.

Dr. Duane Sands said that ambulance trolly now being used as beds in emergency rooms and wards. A few months ago Sands announced there were no HIV meds creating national health alert.

Under the Minnis Administration, no resident can afford to get sick. We urge motorists, in particular, to slow down while driving and be careful going about your daily life. The hospital can’t accommodate any more patients as a high number of non-Bahamians are now in the beds! Our health system is strained and We as Bahamians are officially screwed.

Look what you get when you hire a doctor to be PM!

We report yinner decide!