US Coast Guard sent illegal migrants back to Bahamas for deportation… What is dis?!


NASSAU| United States Coast Guard, while cruising the waters between the Bahamas and the Southern Coast of Florida yesterday came upon a boat with over eighty (80) illegal migrants seeking to get into to the U.S. 

Presently the illegal migrants are being brought back to the Bahamas and will be turned over to the immigration authorities where they will be processed and DEPORTED back to their home land. 

 Some of the persons were reported to have legal status in the Bahamas, which is usually work permits.  If so, such persons will have their status revoked and will be deported.

Also, the Immigration department round up operation for undocumented persons continued on the Island of Abaco.

Just yesterday morning, the special immigration and police operation on that Island caught some 23 illegals in an early morning raid.

The Minister of Immigration Hon. Keith Bell said his hope is to bring a military approach to immigration.

We report yinner decide!