V. Alfred Gray Taking Legal Actions against the Tribune


Nassau Bahamas – Former PLP Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries shot back at a salacious headline that appeared in the Tribune yesterday alleging that police who were on a routine patrol in the Yamacraw area, discovered a parked car in the parking lot of a church, where the PLP MP was in his ‘birthday suit’.

The Thursday morning daily further reported that the MP for MICAL was allegedly caught in a ‘back seat romp’ with an unidentified woman, with their sources unable to say if it was the former minister’s wife.

Gray on holiday leave out of the country, responded back at the newspaper confirming his intent to take full legal action against the morning daily.

Police also said yesterday that no such compliant or reported incident ever occurred nor was any such event reported by any officer against the former minister.

“As a politician, I know and I fully accept that I am always open to public scrutiny and ridicule and that I am a target for lies, half truths and innuendos and that only God alone can protect me from such.”

“However, the recent fallacious reports in the media of allegedly being found in a compromising position in the back seat of my vehicle are simply not true.” Gray said in a press statement early Friday morning.

“My enemies have done this since as to date, I have never been spoken to nor was I ever warned by the police about my dress or of any inappropriate action on my part as alleged or at all.”

“I shall therefore take immediate legal action which I deem necessary against those who seek by these recent media reports to scandalize my name.” Mr Gray concluded.

Reports are that the morning daily could have sought to attack the former minister after Mr Gray announced a possible chance he would run for the chairmanship in the opposition Progressive Liberal Party in its upcoming 2008 convention.

Gray who represents the MICAL constituency, is know in the Parliament for his strong attacks against members of the Free National Movement government.